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The Let’s Meet App is intended to increase the probability of you accidentally meeting any of your friends who happen to be nearby. Let’s say you want to meet Bobby – you know him, and you have not seen him for a while, but if he one day appears somewhere near your location you would like to know and be able to meet. Here is where our application can help you! If you download the Let’s Meet App and invite Bobby, and Bobby accepts your invitation, we will let you know whenever Bobby is nearby so that you can meet. The Let’s Meet App is very simple and fun to use, and since we understand how great accidental meetings can be, we are delighted whenever we can increase the probability of one happening.Please note one thing! We never show anyone your exact location – we only show the distance between you and any of your friends who are nearby. You will not be able to check the exact location of your friends using our application – this is not what it is for. There is no way people can spy on their friends – we just let you know when your friends are nearby, and allow you to quickly text or call them, or to send them your exact location using Google Maps.

Inviting friends

To use the Let’s Meet App you need to choose some people who you would like to meet when they are nearby. To do this, first you need to invite them. Here are some frequently asked questions about inviting your friends to the Let’s Meet App.

Why should I invite friends and how can I do it?

Open the Let’s Meet App on your phone and press the 'friends' icon in the upper-right corner of the map view screen. Then select the friends you would like to meet from your address book by tapping on each of them. After selecting them, press the INVITE button in the upper-right corner. Next, select how you would like to notify them – you have the choice of SMS (text message) or e-mail. Finally send the message and wait until your friends download the app and accept your invitation. After they accept the invitation, a link is established in our system and, whenever you are close by, the Let’s Meet App will tell you!

How can I accept invitations from my friends?

If you have the app downloaded, simply open it in the map view and click the YOU button at the bottom of the screen. There you will be able to see all pending invitations from your friends. Simply accept them by clicking the ACCEPT button next to your friend's name.

How can I be sure that someone else is not using my number?

If anyone tries to register the Let’s Meet App using a previously registered number, we text a message with a 6 digit code to this number to verify it. If the number is not verified correctly, the new registration cannot be completed using this number. If you own the number, you will receive the text message.

Why should I provide a second phone number or e-mail?

To get the most from your Let’s Meet App it is worth supplying all your contact numbers and e-mail addresses, so that your friends can easily find you because we link people based on their address books. Let’s say that you have 2 phone numbers, and one of your friends has only one of them in his/her address book. If you put only one number in your Let’s Meet App profile and your friend does not have this one to link to you in the Let’s Meet App, then you will not be able to meet.

Power management

We know how location-based apps can be annoying when it comes to battery usage. We put a lot of effort into solving this problem, such as by using your location only when it is really necessary, while our advanced probability algorithms help to determine your location and alert you in advance with the least power consumption – most of the hard work being done on the server side. That is why the Let’s Meet App will not discharge your battery quicker then any other, ordinary app on your phone.

What does it mean that I am located every 20 minutes in "Economy usage mode"?

This is only important when you are not changing your location. However, if you are on the move the application recognizes the fact and begins to analyze your location continuously, so that you don't miss any friend you may be passing as you move.

Alerts & hiding

Alerts are an essential element of the Let’s Meet App – we alert you when your friends are nearby by sending a push message to your phone. However, since privacy can sometimes be important, we offer advanced "hiding yourself" options so that you cannot be located – and here is how it works:

I don’t want to receive alerts but I want to be visible to my friends

Simply change the "Alarm range" to the minimum (zero) and the application will not send you any alerts about your friends; however, you will remain visible to them.

I don’t want to be visible to anyone and I don’t want to receive alerts

Everyone wants to hide sometimes and hang out alone. This is also possible with our application by simply pressing the HIDE ME button in the lower left corner of the screen. Now no one can find you, and we will not bother you with any alerts from your friends. Remember: hiding for too long is never good for your health ;-)

I want to receive alerts but I don’t want to be visible to anyone

It would be nice to sneak around sometimes, and only be notified if you have any friends nearby. However, we feel this is not a good way to use the Let’s Meet App, and that’s why you cannot hide and receive alerts at the same time. For anyone who thinks otherwise, there is a chance to convince us. Go to our Facebook profile and if this post “Be HIDDEN and receive alerts!” (link here) gets 100.000 likes then we shall introduce this functionality!