Simply be notified when your friends are nearby without showing your exact location!

Do you remember those scenes from romantic comedies where two characters cannot meet, passing each other by, each time turning up in the same place just a few minutes too early or too late? This will never happen to you with the LetsMeetApp - we enhance the probability of 2 people meeting!

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Intelligent notification for your address book!

You want to meet friend but have no time to arrange it. You'd prefer to meet them spontaneously when they are nearby. Select whom you want to be notified about and when. Add smart notification to your address book. Don’t meet your friends just online – meet them off-line using Let’s Meet App!

Enhancing meeting probability

Don't meet people just online - start meeting them in the real world! If you link with your friends using LetsMeetApp, you will get a notification every time they are near you. You set the alarm range and the notification schedule and we do the entire job behind the scene to enhance your chances of accidentally meeting your friends!


We value your privacy!

The best part is that you don't have to turn on the LetsMeetApp to stay notified! But every time you request privacy you can hide pushing just one button "Hide me!". There is even more as for your privacy - with LetsMeetApp you can hide for certain time from just selected people. We give you the full control over who you want to meet and when but also we give you full control of who you don't want to meet!

LetsMeetApp is 100% battery friendly

We know how important is your phone battery life when it comes to location apps. LetsMeetApp is 100% battery friendly. Our advanced probability algorithms are enhancing the probability of you meeting your friends using the minimum necessary location info. There is even more to it - we allow you to manage the power mode of our app, so that you can tell how much battery you want to use.



LetsMeetApp in the real world!